Epic Journey

It’s 1915 in the heat of WWI. Two friends heading to England aboard the British ocean liner, RMS Lusitania, meet and fall in love with a charismatic woman. After battling for her affection, Rachel Williams makes her decision, beginning a journey that no one can predict or soon forget. For the next thirty years, Rachel is forced to live with the choice she made, as the dominos fall around her, sequentially.

Amazing Story

Set in America and Europe, history and fiction intertwine, commencing with the sinking of Lusitania. Historical events like The Russian Revolution, Prohibition, The Great Depression and World Wars I and II also play important roles in the lives of the characters and the decisions they make to love, betray, forgive, and reconcile.

Welcome to my website. From a very young age, I have loved reading books on history and fiction. Therefore, my novels are a combination of the two. I think it is a fun way for people to learn history through my novels.

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My new book A Bloody Hot Summer was released on November 14, 2019. If murder mystery is your genre, then this is the book for you.

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