Welcome to my Copywriting page. I was certified as a copywriter in April 2020 by American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), located in Delray Beach, Florida. Please click on the above seal, which will take you to the page verifying me as AWAI certified.

To know more about me, my various college degrees, short stories and books, please read here.

I have more than three years experience writing sales emails and articles. My articles can be accessed here.

Copies of my samples are below. So, please click on each of them and they will open in PDF format.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing about your copywriting needs and how I can support you!

Please go to my contact page or email me at trevordsilvaauthor@gmail.com to get in touch with me.


Copywriting Samples:

A letter for the opening of an Italian restaurant, ‘Flavors of Italy’.

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A sales letter for Puptastic Naturals (dog treats) made by ‘Furry Friends’ Natural Products‘.

(Also contains two sample Lift Notes, sample Treat Order Device [front and back], sample Premium and sample Envelope Teaser)

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