YES, they are in Audiobook and Audible Formats too!

Trevor D'Silva -Audiobook and Audible


If reading a paperback, kindle and hardcopy is not the way you like to get through a book, then listen to it instead. In other words, let someone read it to you.
Therefore, get them in Audiobook or Audible formats and enjoy listening while you drive, relax (with your favorite drink or food) or garden.
Now, please listen to a sample by clicking the links below and buy them directly from Amazon.
Audiobook and Audible, Fateful Decisions - Genre (for adults and young adults): Historical Fiction, Thriller, Historical Romance, Military History
A Historical Novel Set During the Turbulent Era of the Early 20th Century (1915 To 1946)


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Audiobook and Audible, A Bloody Hot Summer ,Genre (for adults and young adults): Murder Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Historical Fiction
Sizzling Murder Mystery Set In Roaring 1920s England. A Detective Dermot Carlyle Mystery


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After you have purchased a copy, then fill your glass with your favorite drink, sit back and listen, or turn up the volume as you drive or garden, and let the smooth voice of the narrator fill you in with all those juicy details.
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REVIEWS for Fateful Decisions

Author Reviews

“A great read for historical fiction fans who will appreciate the meticulous details of real events.”
Patricia Panahi, author of VEIL OF WALLS
“D’Silva writes a story which places you right into the action from page one. With a wide variety of characters and a historical setting, it is sure to appeal to readers of various backgrounds and interests.”
– Luke Edison – author of Valcarion: Sacrifices
“Against the backdrop of two World Wars, D’Silva creates a fast paced story of romance complete with tragedy and intrigue.”
–  Terez Peipins, author of Snow Clues and The Shadow of Silver Birch


REVIEWS for A Bloody Hot Summer

Editorial Reviews

Sublime Book Review
Sublime Line: “A Bloody Hot Summer is a fantastic visit home to the style and genre that made mysteries ever so intriguing.”
Wishing Shelf Book Awards
To Sum Up: “A cleverly plotted murder mystery populated with complex characters. Very enjoyable.”


Author Reviews

“A Real Page Turner Full of Suspense”
Celia Sandys – Author and TV Presenter of Chasing Churchill (Grand Daughter of Sir Winston Churchill)
“A modern interpretation of a golden age detective novel, in the spirit of Agatha Christie and other writers of crime of the interwar period. A very satisfying homage.”
Paul C.W. Beatty is the award-winning author of Children of Fire and member of the Crime Writers’ Association.