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Right now, I have a few copies of Fateful Decisions, which I would like to sell. You can buy signed copies of the book from me (the author) by sending a payment to my PayPal account. It includes the cost of the book ($16.95) and the shipping fees (3.50 + Shipping). The shipping fee will vary depending on if you live in the US or abroad.

Please use the contact page or email me at with your address and what you would like me to write in the book, or to whom you would like it to be dedicated to. I will then email you an invoice with the payment details.

Also, if you don’t want anything to be written and just want me to send you the book, that’s fine as well.

I will also email you a tracking number so that both of us can track the shipment until it reaches you.

So, if you would like to read the synopsis, it is below.


Buy signed copies of Fateful Decisions




Surviving the 1915 Lusitania sinking was only the beginning for Rachel Williams. Two years later, at a war fundraiser, she is reunited with fellow survivors, Fred and Rudy. The best friends battle for Rachel’s affections. Torn between two marriage proposals, Rachel chooses one of the men and her decision triggers an unimaginable and unpredictable journey lasting thirty years.

The dominoes collapse around Rachel, affecting family, friends and strangers alike. Is it fate or is there a sinister force at work? Or both? Ultimately, will Rachel regret her decision when she learns how it impacted others?

Set in both America and Europe, history and fiction intertwine. Events like the Russian Revolution, Prohibition, the Great Depression and the world wars influence the characters’ lives and their decisions to love, betray, forgive and reconcile.