Buy Signed Copies Of My Books

Right now, I have a few copies of ‘Fateful Decisions,’ which I would like to sell. You can buy signed copies of the book from me (the author) by sending a payment to my PayPal account. It includes the cost of the book ($16.95) and the shipping fees (3.50 +Shipping). The shipping fee will vary depending on if you live in the US or abroad.

Please use the contact page or email me at to tell me what you would like me to write on the book or to whom to dedicate the book to. And of course, also your address. I can then email you an invoice with the payment details.

If you don’t want anything to be written and just want me to send you the book, that’s fine as well.

I will email you a tracking number so that both of us can track the shipment until it reaches you.



Buy signed copies of Fateful Decisions