Fateful Decisions – A Historical Fiction Thriller Set During the Turbulent History of the Early Twentieth Century (1915 To 1946)

What consequences one woman’s Decision can bring, affecting the lives of many including world events for thirty years?

A family saga spanning two generations against the backdrop of historical world events

Genre: Historical Fiction, Adventure fiction, Historical Romance, Military History
Formats: Book – Paperback & Hardcover, Kindle and Audiobook

A Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist


 One woman’s fateful decisions affects friends, strangers also world history for the next 30 years



Fateful DecisionsSurviving the 1915 Lusitania sinking was only the beginning for Rachel Williams. Two years later, at a war fundraiser, she is reunited with fellow survivors, Fred and Rudy. The best friends battle for Rachel’s affections. Torn between two marriage proposals, Rachel chooses one of the men and her decision triggers an unimaginable and unpredictable journey lasting thirty years.


The dominoes collapse around Rachel, affecting family, friends and strangers alike. Is it fate or is there a sinister force at work? Or both? Ultimately, will Rachel regret her decision when she learns how it impacted others?                                                                                                 

Set in both America and Europe, history and fiction intertwine. Events like the Russian Revolution, Prohibition, the Great Depression and the world wars influence the characters’ lives and their decisions to love, betray, forgive and reconcile.







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AWARDS for Fateful Decisions

Received this medal for Fateful Decisions being picked as a Finalist


The Whishing Shelf Book Awards 2018 Finalist - Fateful Decisions

Author Shout Recommended Read 2019  Reader Ready Award - Fateful Decisions

Readers' Favorite Five Stars - Fateful Decisions


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REVIEWS for Fateful Decisions

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“From the sinking of the Lusitania by a German G-20 torpedo, the suffrage movement that leads to the women’s right to vote, to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, FATEFUL DECISIONS is an epic tale spanning from 1915 to 1946. Touching on major themes of love, family, friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness, the author brings history to life and shows how wars and personal decisions can forever change the lives of individual people.  A great read for historical fiction fans who will appreciate the meticulous details of real events.”

– Patricia Panahi, author of VEIL OF WALLS

“D’Silva writes a story which places you right into the action from page one. With a wide variety of characters and a historical setting, it is sure to appeal to readers of various backgrounds and interests.”

 – Luke Edison – author of Valcarion: Sacrifices

“Against the backdrop of two World Wars, D’Silva creates a fast paced story of romance complete with tragedy and intrigue.”

–  Terez Peipins, author of Snow Clues and The Shadow of Silver Birch


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