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Dear Reader,
Welcome to my website!
Now, please put your mind at ease, take a deep breath, kick back, possibly grab an apple or a piping hot cup of coffee and begin reading to get to know me, my work and what this website has to offer.
My name is Trevor D’Silva, and growing up reading novels by various authors, gave me the incentive to become a writer. History and reading novels have always been my two greatest passions. Therefore, I thought combining the two would be a good way for people to learn history, while reading for pleasure.
You can learn more about me by going to About the Author menu above.
In addition, you can also read my interviews, short stories, copywriting samples (certified in April 2020 by AWAI) and articles, buy signed copies of my books, view my awards, learn about me or contact me, by clicking on the relevant menus on top of the page.  
Although the main genre of my novels is historical fiction, I incorporate other genres as well. Some of them are: Crime, Mystery, Military History, Murder and a tad bit of historical romance. I try to imitate life as much as possible so that my readers can relate to the characters. So far, I’ve written two novels. My debut novel Fateful Decisions set between 1915 to 1945, and A Bloody Hot Summer a murder mystery set in 1920s England where I introduce Detective Dermot Carlyle. So if you like Agatha Christie style mysteries set during the interwar years, then this book is for you.
I wrote Fateful Decisions in American English and A Bloody Hot Summer in British English. I also put words in other languages as and when needed. So far, I’ve used Italian, French, Russian, German and Hindi words. 
I’m currently writing my third novel set in the 1960s.
What I love about writing is that, while researching for my novels, I discover various historical facts, not taught in schools, or mentioned or even shown in documentaries. Some of my readers have even emailed telling me that they have learned new historical facts through my novels, and it makes me very happy. I also love taking my readers through various time periods in history set in various continents and countries. So far, I’ve set my novels in the Victorian Era through the 1920s, from America, through Europe, South Africa and India.
My novels will also make you experience turbulent times like: the 1857 Indian Mutiny, the sinking of the Lusitania, the 1943 invasion of Sicily, The Prohibition Era, World War II and other historical events.
Trevor D'Silva Historical Crime Fiction Murder mystery
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My books are available on Amazon (Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover and Audiobook formats), Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, other sites and through my publisher Black Rose Writing. Please leave reviews on all or any sites.
I write articles mostly for Crime Readers’ Association and Crime Writers’ Association. They are either mystery or crime related with some concepts of psychology incorporated into them. Please feel free to check them out. I also write on medium.com. The link too is on my articles page. I write on various topics there like: health, history, famous crimes, environmental problems, etc. Basically, I write about any topic that interests me, including related to my novels. You can also use the link below my articles on medium to make an account and follow me on there. Please follow me on Amazon if you have an account. My articles are automatically updated on there through my blog on Goodreads (follow me there too).

Trevor D'Silva Historical Crime Fiction Murder Mystery World War 2

On my short story page, you will find three short stories. In Hallowed Ground featuring Detective Carlyle, and The Joke and Poetic Justice featuring DCI Crosbie and his assistant DS Stevens. The last two are set in modern times and comparable to the hit British series Midsomer Murders.
I have written two more short stories featuring both Crosbie and Carlyle, and I will put them on the website as soon as I can get them published. I have also written screenplays for the The Joke and for Poetic Justice.


In addition, please check my Announcements page. New Information on book signing events, discounts, reviews, releases and other information will be posted there and on social media.
I would love to hear from my readers. So you’re welcome to get in touch with me via the Contact page on my website, and follow me on TwitterInstagram, Pinterest and Facebook.   

Trevor D'Silva Social Media Historical Crime Fiction Murder Mystery

Thank you for your time, and don’t forget to check out my novels, short stories, copywriting samples and articles.