Epic Journey

It’s 1915 in the heat of WWI. Two friends heading to England aboard the British ocean liner, RMS Lusitania, meet and fall in love with a charismatic woman. After battling for her affection, Rachel Williams makes her decision, beginning a journey that no one can predict or soon forget. For the next thirty years, Rachel is forced to live with the choice she made, as the dominos fall around her, sequentially.

Amazing Story

Set in America and Europe, history and fiction intertwine, commencing with the sinking of Lusitania. Historical events like The Russian Revolution, Prohibition, The Great Depression and World Wars I and II also play important roles in the lives of the characters and the decisions they make to love, betray, forgive, and reconcile.

15% discount from B&N

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Hello Everyone,

Happy Labor Day Weekend, 2019. Barnes and Noble is giving a discount on my book, ‘Fateful Decisions’. Please click here to go to the website and buy the book. Please tell your friends and family and share the link with them.

90 Day Book Blitz with Author Shout

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Hello Everyone,


My debut novel ‘Fateful Decisions’ has been updated and the cover has logos from ‘Readers’ Favorite’ and ‘The Wishing Shelf Book Awards’.

The website Author Shout is doing a 90 day Book Blitz featuring my book, ‘Fateful Decisions’.

Here is the website. Please feel free to buy the book and also share this link to friends and family. Don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon, B&N and on Goodreads.

Fateful Decisions by [D'Silva, Trevor]

CWA Member

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Hello, I have become a member of Crime Writers Association an organization for authors who write crime based novels and is situated in England. I am very excited to be a member of this great organization, which has been in existence since 1953 and has many great crime writers as its members. Thank you for accepting me.


Book #2

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Finally, it is official! I have signed the contract with Black Rose Writing to publish my second novel, which is a murder mystery set in 1920s England. ‘A Bloody Hot Summer’, will be released in November 2019. I will be introducing a new detective in that novel. Please stay tuned as I share more information about the novel and also about its release.

Medal From Wishing Hope

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A very big thank you to Billy Bob Buttons from Wishing Shelf Awards (England) for sending me this awesome medal, which I received in the mail. It was sent because I was a finalist in the historical fiction category for 2018. Can’t wait until the final results are announced in April.

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Happy Valentine’s Day – 2019

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Dear Fans and Visitors,

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope everyone has a great time with the person they love. If your beloved loves books, please consider giving a copy of ‘Fateful Decisions,’ to him or her as a Valentine gift. It is a historical fiction novel for both men and women. It contains military history and adventure for men, and romance for women. My book is available in paperback, audiobook and also on kindle. So please purchase what your beloved is most comfortable with. Here are the links –

Amazon – Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook.

Barnes & Noble



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Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to inform you that my debut novel ‘Fateful Decisions,’ is now an audio book as of January 23, 2019.

For those that love audio books, here is the link. It is linked with all formats. Please feel free to send the link to your friends, families and also libraries and organizations that purchase audio books.



Merry Christmas 2018 and Happy New Year

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Dear Visitors and Fans,

If you know of a loved one, acquaintance or friend that loves history and fiction, why not give them ‘Fateful Decisions,’ as a Christmas or New Year’s gift.  It has romance, military history, suspense, and also thrilling events all under the banner of historical fiction.

You can get it in paperback or on Amazon Kindle. My website has links below (please scroll down) to Amazon, B&N and also Goodreads. After you have finished the book, please leave a nice review on all three websites if you can and if you have accounts on any or all three of them.  Good reviews help, and a nice one makes the author’s day.

So, a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous, happy and fruitful 2019 to everyone. Please feel free to share this site with everyone you know and also follow me on Facebook, twitter and instagram (links are below, please scroll down).

Also, please stay tuned for news when my 2nd book – a murder mystery will be released.

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